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What is Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics, or Micro Pigment Implantation, is a hypo-allergenic, natural iron oxide pigment that is specifically designed for facial applications. It is a safe and completely controlled method of applying subtle micro insertions that form a natural shadow of color on the skin. Carefully applied, the pigment is placed into the uppermost dermal layer of the skin. There are no added fragrances, emollients or other ingredients.

Will I look natural?

Chong Barron, C.D.T. specializes in the application of permanent and corrective cosmetics that actually appear more natural than regular makeup. We recommend only natural colors so the results are soft and subtle.

This new, permanent makeup procedure is causing a wave of excitement, and has revolutionized cosmetic application. Trendy California salons have been providing this service for years, and now it is available on the east coast--at Barron's Clinic. It has certainly become the makeup of the nineties.

Why would I want permanent cosmetics?



  • Be active in sports, dancing, or exercise.

  • Have sparse lashes.

  • Have sparse eyebrows, platinum brows, half a brow, or no brows at all.

  • Be allergic to cosmetics.

  • Have contact lens allergies.

  • Have unsteady or arthritic hands.

  • Have temporary of permanent hair loss.

  • Have a visual impairment.

  • Have a pigment disorder.

  • Have to look your best in the professional world.

  • Want the convenience of make-up that won't smear or smudge.

  • Want to always look naturally beautiful.

How is it done ?

Using an extremely mild probe, micro-pigment is inserted into the uppermost dermal layer of the skin.

Does the procedure hurt ?

Topical anesthetics are used for comfort. Most people describe a mild "plucking" feeling due to the gentle nature of micro-pigment implantation.

Is it safe ?

Barron's Clinic uses the best techniques and hospital-recommended auto clave sterilization procedures to completely destroy all micro-organisms for your safety.

What if styles change ?

At Barron's Clinic, we do not recommend anything that is trendy. We artistically enhance your natural beauty. If desired, you can add regular cosmetics. Also, we choose only harmonious colors that are right for you.

Will I still need to wear make-up ?

You may enhance your permanent makeup with regular cosmetics for evening if you choose. With permanent cosmetics though, you will look natural and subtle, as if you don't need makeup at all.

Corrective Cosmetics...

Chong Barron, C.D.T. also provides corrective camouflage makeup services. Special waterproof techniques are used to normalize the look of the skin to cover scars, birthmarks, burns, etc.

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